Sunday, August 26, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well as of 4:45 am (which is the time the Resident Doctor decided to visit) we are ready to be discharged.  Paperwork is in process and we could not be happier.  If we had to guess it will probably be late morning by the time we get the O.K. to leave so I hope to have her settled into our bed by noon.

Last night was definitely the best sleep we have gotten and that still includes being woken at 12am, 2am and 4am for her medications and also at quarter to 5 for the doctor visit.  I think the best part about being home is the fact that she will be able to get some better rest.

Yesterday we had a sweet nurse named Judi.  She has worked as a nurse and physical therapist for 15 years (specifically in the nuero surgery wing).  She told us last night that in the fifteen years she as worked here maybe only one other time she can think of did someone recover so quickly.  I was so nice to hear because Em has worked so hard to get to this point and she should have pride in this because she never gave up.  Think of all she has done: Running, Meditation, Yoga, Acupuncture, healthy eating, etc.  Some people would have faltered due to the unimaginable length of time she spend with this constant pain, however, she stayed strong.  Now, in the coming weeks, as she recovers from her surgery we can determine how much this surgery has corrected the problem.

Thank you all for your continued support throughout all of this!!


  1. That is so incredible! I think of you both the second my eyes open each morning and say silent prayers through out the day, every day! This is such good news and we are so so happy for you! These blogs make me cry each time I read them! We will continue sending good thoughts & wishes and will never stop praying for her recovery to continue ! Bless you both. Love love J&B

  2. Running out of words for all of this. So my good friends at have helped me out and today I will say that this news is crackerjack.

    And, actually, I might start saying "crackerjack" in place of "great" from now on - just because I can.

  3. Wonderful news! I agree, Emily's strength is inspiring. You both should be so proud of who you are, how you have and continue to handle your lives as well as all of the work you put into it. You are an amazing couple and individuals. I would be one happy mama to have my girls turn into the type of woman you are, Em. We all (including Mia in this one too!) love you (both)!
    Cousin Koochie Katie

  4. Woo hoo! Welcome home, Emma! Following the trend here - how flipping crackerjack!

  5. Wonderful news! Now, what can we do to help you at home? Say the word or I will keep on asking. ;)

    Errands, routine chores, grocery shopping?

    Gabrielle and Doug

  6. There really is " no place like home".....right Em? :) Couldnt pass that up!