Thursday, August 9, 2012

novel-ty suits

According to the website MATCHBOOK, its now a thing to match your bathing suit to your book. (thus the name, match-book)

I wanted to insert all sorts of snarky comments about disposable income and embarrassment for what the first world people trouble themselves with...

but then I proceeded to scroll though every single outfit/book combo on that site. (and ok, maybe, just maybe, I even wondered if any suits I already own worked for any books). 

Since the internet has drawn me into devoting time to things that don't matter, I feel I should impart these things to you - so we can share in the time wasting guilty pleasures. 

(you can even read the compelling story of how this girl came up with the idea to combine suits with books *spoiler alert, she saw a girl reading a book and it happened to match her swim suit)

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