Thursday, August 23, 2012

Night Two

I am happy to say that night two has been drastically different than last night.  Emily seems to be as comfortable as she can be and is drifting in and out of sleep.  Throughout all of the doctor visits the one common theme that keeps coming up is that 'She is Doing Very Well' for someone that had a brain operation a little over 24 hours ago.

Some key things about todays visits:

- The doctors are happy with her progress but wanted to make sure she spent the day resting because tomorrow will be the day they try to get her moving around some.

- She should be off of IV medications tomorrow and all of her meds should come through pills

- She was able to eat some veggies and a little pasta / rice.  Hopefully tomorrow she will be able to eat more

- As of right now I do not think we will be moving rooms but I can not say that for sure.  If you are considering visiting please just give me a call or send me a text.  I can let you know if/when it is a good time and where we will be.

All we can do is hope that she keeps progressing at this rate and she will be able to go home soon enough!!!!


  1. I'm sending big gentle hugs. I am thinking of you constantly. Much love
    Ps. Haven't met your husband yet ( I hope I will soon). But by gosh does he sound like a good egg.

  2. We have added reading the blog updates to our nightly ritual and are praying for any specifics we see in there. Neil keep the updates coming and Emma keep doing as your doing and shock the docs with your progress.
    We love you guys!

    Matt and Lisa

  3. We are so relieved to read that Emma is experiencing positive progress and continue to look forward to your updates. You are now both part of our daily conversations, which is really nice. Hugs, love and prayers, Gabby and Doug.

  4. Ugh. I get that IV meds need to be transitioned to PO so she can go home, but it's also much more satisfying to get immediate relief! Good to hear positive progress all the same. Hope the good news just keeps pouring in!

  5. Neil,

    I anxiously check this blog for updated posts throughout the day. What a wonderful way to keep abreast of Em's progress without being a pain in you side. Thank you for keeping us informed as to how to target our prayers.

    I have passed the URL to many friends across this city and the country and there are prayers rising from everywhere. I have Em's photo taped to my computer screen at work and lift her (and you)in prayer all day long!

    Love you,
    Aunt Sue

  6. yea! We are so glad she is progressing so well ! We pray she continues and will be home soon ! Thank you Neil for the updates and we are sending love. hugs and kisses to you both and will keep up the steady string of prayers for you both.

    @ Sara~ he is !! not just a "good egg" a " great egg" !!

  7. We have been snuggling with the blanket Em made Sam. We want our Chicago victory tour stop! Hugs from Chicago!!! xoxoxo

    Nice writing Neil, maybe time to stop crunching numbers...