Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kicking some....

Everything since we have been home has been a little bit of a struggle.  Em had to re-adjust to how she felt post hospital medical treatment and I had to relive those emotions of trying to help her in that state.  Late last night while we were waiting for her last round of meds before bed Emily looked at me and said that she was done letting this pain and nausea dominate her mood and outlook.  And that tomorrow she was going to start to 'Kick it's Ass'.

Like most days, the morning started off a little rocky but, let me tell you, she was not bluffing last night.  I can say that today was a good day and that instead of focusing on how much she still hurt, how little she could sleep, or even how hard it was to walk she began looking at the marginal increases.  She got more rest yesterday than the day before.  She was able to walk a bit farther than the last time.  And she realized that her pain and nausea, if only by a few hairs, is better than yesterday.....and that trend is going to continue (which is greatly boosted by all of the cards and messages that she has received).

At the end of the day what is the most important?  She IS here.  She MADE IT through a major surgery without complications.  And even though she does hurt, she IS getting better each day.

If you can't tell, today was a better day and it is only going to get better (because Emily said so!!).


  1. Sending all my love from Danville. Hang in there Emma! You will get through this and you're doing an amazing job so far. So proud of you both, you're amazing.

  2. I'm a little distracted writing this message because the theme song from Rocky keeps playing in my head.

    I know you must really, really be suffering from surgery. And do you know how I know this? Because this is the first time in over 4 years that you've ever complained!!! (If you can even call these posts complaining.) For the past 4 years and 3 months you've had a solid banging headache, no sleep, and a sick belly, and you've never complained. Never. So that tells me how badly you must feel right now. The greatest form of validation of how much pain you have been in all these years, is that brain surgery was a better option than living your days pre-surgery??? Think about that. So keep measuring your progress. Keep counting those hairs of improvement.

    You're amazing. Neil's amazing. And I want to be there the day you run up those steps to the Cathedral and pump your fists in the air. And we'll ALL be there, singing the theme song to Rocky. You go girl! You kick some Chiari ass!!! Can I get an Amen to that? And everybody sang......."Feelin' strong now!"

  3. Emma is my new adventure superhero.

    Here are some movie quotes that might give you some inspiration:

    "I'm gonna take you to the the blood bank." -- Steven Seagal

    "I love anything full contact. I need a few more scars on my face." -- Jean Claude Van Damme

    "Pain don't hurt." Patrick Swayze

    "You're the disease, and I'm the cure." -- Sylvester Stallone

    "Crawl out from that rock you're hiding under, and I'll drive this truck up your ass." -- Bruce Willis

    “It’s not a tumor!” -- Arnold Schwarzenegger

    "If I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you." -- Chuck Norris

    "I wish I could say something classy and inspirational, but that just wouldn't be our style. Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory... lasts forever." -- Keanu Reeves

    You're welcome. Now, go and kick some more ass.

  4. Em (and Neil),
    You are freaking amazing and I know you are going to kick this things ass! I have been feeling so many different emotions as I read these blog posts and I am overwhelmed with pride for you as I think about what you continue to battle each day. Mike and I are praying for you and for your healing, and that with each day you gain more strength, physically, mentally and spiritually. It is incredible how God has led you down this road to where you are today. He is with you guys Em and Neil, it's hard to remember at times, but even on the shittiest days he's got your back. Thank you so much for the updates every day, it is so awesome to know how to continue to pray for you guys. We love you so much!!

    "Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved." - Helen Keller

  5. Neil and Em,

    We have opted not to visit, not to call. However, we are right there with you - for you.

    These blog posts are our connection and they guide our prayers. We love you, both.

    Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue

  6. This news just brightened my day.

    Baby steps and a kick ass attitude sound like a winning combination to me!

    Now for an appropriate super hero name...


  7. That sounds pretty positive to me. I can't imagine how hard it must be but looks like you wrote that blog with a smile.

  8. Hah. That's awesome. Every action hero needs a tag line, now all we have to do is print the t-shirts that say, "Let's Kick Pain's Ass." I want one.

  9. Can I say "fuckin a"? Is that allowed? No? Oh well.

  10. can i as a pastor say 'fucking A'? is that allowed? no? well tough shit....FUCKING A!

    go Emma. go Neil. i was helping with a class today and had to talk about 'inspiring worship' so first i just asked everyone what they thought of when they think of inspiring......and of course the first thing i thought of was you guys.

    with much love and prayer