Sunday, August 26, 2012

It might be a little rocky

So we are finally home which is good....but not as good as we had hoped.  I think the entire trip home was more activity than Em has seen since the surgery so that definitely did not help her control her nausea or pain levels.

Oh, and there is that other thing about the pain med reduction.  Since the hospital has discharged her they want to ensure she is getting better and not just relying on the medications.  Her pain med was changed from an immediate release to a slow release and the dose amount was cut in half.  For her muscle relaxation and nausea medication, it was move from taking every 4 and 6 hours to taking every 6 and 8 hours, respectively.

So going home has not been as great as we had hoped but it is still good because she has been resting when she can.  It may be a few more days for the pain / nausea to subside and at that point she may be able to do more.  But for now she is very limited.

Please send your thoughts/prayers to her to help her through these tough days in hopes that her body quickly recovers to reduce the amount of pain she is in.

To sum it up she just told me "I feel everything".


  1. What a positive step getting home, paired with the unfortunate side effect of that transition. I'm so proud you were able to make it home today - I'll be praying your body adjusts to the new atmosphere/med regimen soon.

  2. Emma,
    Been catching up on the blog this week.
    Peace to you for this night and those that come.

  3. Emily-sending prayers and a gentle hug. Ron and Marilyn McNatt

  4. Hi Neil and Emma,

    Just praying and praying for less pain and true rest. Many in PA, Ohio and Uganda, East Africa are storming the gates of Heaven for complete healing and FAST recovery!

    Stacy :)

  5. Emma,

    You made it home on my dad's 66th birthday! That means yesterday was even more awesome than I knew at the time.

    Congrats on being out of the hospital. As rough as it might be at home, at least you aren't likely to get pneumonia or C. diff! Hooray for the little things.

    Sounds like you guys are good for food right now... maybe I'll bring something by next week. In the mean time, rest up!


    ps - thank your family for letting me hang out on Wednesday! it could have been weird to have a random friend around but they were awesome and it was so great to be there.

  6. Sending prayers that each day is a little easier. G.