Monday, December 12, 2011

The Burning House

I have been wasting many many minutes looking at this clever little website

Its premise it simple, "If your house was burning, what would you take with you?" 

Then people of all ages and nationalities answer by setting up these items and photographing them for us to see. 

It's so intimate and so fascinating. Its also somewhat thought provoking for me because I have another tab opened to amazon. I'm shopping for christmas presents and I have a sneaking suspicion they won't make any one's 'save pile'. (it makes clicking on my cart feel a bit painful)

 Part of me would love to see the categorical break down of people's choices. What percentage really take their computer? (in all honesty I might, it has my photos) Or their passport? (pretty clever) What age group gathers the most? or What nationality collects the least? 

I'm also fascinated by the way people choose to display their possessions. 

I'm amazed by the things that seem replaceable - like a dvd or a pair of sneakers - what is it about those items that make them invaluable? What are the stories hidden in these piles? 

And honestly, I'm just plain entertained by it all....

I'm too busy leering at other people's things to make my own list, but I know at the very least it would include my engagement ring - a family heirloom. What would you grab?

(all photos unaltered from burning house)


  1. This is fascinating!

    I know I'd take Bailey and my wedding and engagement rings (if they happened to be off). Honestly, there really isn't a whole lot else I'd risk it for -- I'm a little fire-phobic, so I would get the heck out of the house.

    I'm assuming/hoping Kyle got out okay, and I don't need to grab him and try to carry him down the stairs? ;)

  2. The image of you carrying Kyle down the stairs is more fascinating than any image on burning house!