Friday, December 23, 2011

Drunk on the Christmas Spirits

We have a lot of family and step family and church family and  friends that feel like family to visit over Christmas. It gets a bit overwhelming, but in a wonderful kind of way (how can we complain when we love everywhere we stop).

Usually we are running around so much we can hardly relax and have a glass of wine because we're expected to drive to the next destination - and we don't drink and drive. To be clear, I'll laugh at a drunk person (scroll down for proof) but I won't give them keys.

This year something magic happened - families spread out the celebrations so we'll get a few evenings in one place!! To sit and relax and sip homemade Baileys! Yep. and it will be with wonderful people like this:

Q: what to give a brother-in-law? A: the gift that gives xs 24

If you don't have a Christmas card yet, feel free to borrow this beauty.

And one of my favorite traditions growing up was spending all of Christmas Eve with my Mom's family. We partake in the Italian tradition of the seven fish dinner and we drink our homemade wine and we play games and we watch football and we go for walks (okay, well not really the walks, but maybe someday we'll fit in exercise). And at the end of the night someone reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas" as we pass around white elephant gifts - and at that point I have to admit the adults would be a leeetle bit sauced. This year I can't wait! And don't worry kids, we will be no where near as drunk as this guy:

funny or die: drunken night before christmas 
(seriously hilarious stuff)

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