Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Puffin Revenge

In our home the most coveted cereal is Puffins

Those crunchy puffs are an endangered species in our household. If they last half a week its a puffin miracle. We have comparative eating with this food (well, I do. I don't want him to get more than half so when he snacks on them, I snack on them). None of this is normal behavior for food from a box but it may begin to explain the following exchange...

Me (going into the pantry to cereal snack): Did you finish the Puffins and put the empty box back on the shelf?
Orbin: Yeah, sorry. I just had the last few.
Me: That's the meanest thing you've ever done with Puffins.
Orbin: To date.
Me (laughing): Did you say "to date"? Did you puffin threat?
Orbin: I just mean I could do worse.
Me: Like what?
Orbin: Buy a box and hide it - eat it all with out you knowing.
Me: That would be terrible
Orbin: Or pin you down and sit on your stomach while I eat them.
Me: ok, that's the worst
Orbin: I know. Because you don't even have to be hungry. You would want them.

He is away in Ohio for work so I did the only logical thing... went and ate some mugs full of puffins without him. sucka!

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