Monday, December 19, 2011

holiday excess

Is it me or is any car commercial ridiculous this time of year?

Lexus uses a particular red bow to suggest you give someone a really expensive car - usually after you've given them a slew of other gifts under the tree.

Now, Acura has finally gotten it right. They call for the 'Season of Reason' by humorously pointing out examples of extreme. They have ads with celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay cooking a family dinner and they have this ad with Bette Midler, hired to do the neighborhood caroling...

The voice over says "at a time when when it's easy to go overboard, Acura invites you to be smarter and over save with the 2012 sales event."

Here's the kicker. A 2012 Acura TSX (the cheapest one) still costs $31,000. That's the major 'over save'?

Do people actually that have gift list that look like this: sweater, season two of 30 Rock, kindle, a nice sedan, coffee maker

I think I just sound bitter this morning from staying up late to work on some homemade gifts for the husband because I want to avoid spending his money on him this year. Now I sort of feel bad. Its cool Acrua, didn't mean to drag your TSX into it.

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