Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Its the second week of advent and I've been spending this week thinking about that second little candle...

and I mean, really thinking about Love. (see the concussion messed with my sleep/wake cycle leaving me with many middle of the night, quiet thinking moments)

I am mostly working on reframing how to say "I really love you. so much. I do." this season, without spending money. (If anyone's figured it out, let me know)

Until then, here's how some people waxing poetic about love to some highly deserving subjects.

Love to our World
"Love Is..." by Common

Love to our Love
"Drunkard's Prayer" by Over the Rhine

You're my water. You're my wine. You're my whiskey from time to time.
(my crush on my husband is summed up in this)

Love to our Lord
"Selah" by Lauryn Hill

...and then He came. (this song 'gets' Christmas quite well if you ask me)

note: I do think these are worth a full listen.... a pause and a listen and a reflection because these songs are beautiful and this topic is worth it and we get too busy this time of year and well, maybe you don't sleep either.

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