Thursday, December 1, 2011


I'm crazy about advent... stretching out the Christmas season, contemplating what really matters this time of year, a candle wreath!

This week is HOPE, and since the my well of hope is quite dry right now, I thought it was best to look outwards...

(and appropriately, here is the website)

Maybe I can spend a little time today considering a disease that still grips much of our world (almost 3 million new infections in 2009).

Years ago, when I was helping with a program in Nigeria, the face of AIDS was very real to me...

More recently it's been that guy I like on Project Runway

oh, Mondo

AIDS has been out of the national discussion for some time now, but according to a quick googling (that's how far from this issue I've fallen) the disease isn't disappearing anytime soon

So it's advent, and specifically the part of advent where I consider how I find hope out there. Or maybe that's wrong. Maybe it's how I find ways to provide hope. To fill other dry wells. Tonight I'm going to a candlelight service on my former university campus. So I'll be doing the only thing my little liturgical heart knows how to do - gather and light a flame.

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