Friday, December 30, 2011

Love and Missing Pieces

Have you ever read Shel Silverstein's "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O"?

Its a wonderful children's book about a little piece trying to find the circle that completes it. And in my humble opinion, its the most comprehensive book on relationships ever written.

If you're curious, here's the best youtube video of the book I could find (I believe it's a foreign language book because there are a few parts slightly a miss, but you'd get the idea)

If you don't have the chance to watch it (first of all don't tell me, it would break my heart), you should keep reading for what I feel is the best part....

The missing piece had already tried so many things out there that it thought would complete it (can I get an amen, ladies?) and then... "one came along who looked different"

"What do you want of me?" asked the missing piece. "Nothing"
"What do you need from me?"  "Nothing"
"Who are you?" asked the missing piece.  "I'm the Big O" said the Big O

"I think you're the one I've been waiting for," said the missing piece, "maybe I'm your missing piece."
"But I'm not missing a piece," said the Big O, "there's no place you would fit."

The Big O continues on by encouraging the piece to roll on its' own. "corners wear off and shapes change." it says (thats right about the time I start to get too emotionally involved in a children's story) 

Then the Big O says "perhaps we will meet again" before rolling away.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we gave this book to all 12 year old girls (and boys) and we told them to work on lifting, pulling, flopping through life. To form the best and fullest 'O' they can be, instead of laying in wait for another piece with something missing to try to fit with them.

And if I haven't lost you; if you're nodding along with me, here are some beautiful poems that concur with the idea of love being something that fosters an independence, and encourages you to grow...

The Meaning of Friendship by Caroline Davies
The Prophet by Kahil Gibran
Love is Not to Possess by James Kavanaugh

And the reason I've gone on so long about all of this is because on christmas morning I opened a gift from my husband that I couldn't wait to share...
It was a photo of the last page of "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O", when the piece finally has worn off it's edges and learned to roll on its own and it meets up with the Big O again. (and they roll together through life, very much in love, of course)

Then below the picture was card to our friend's tattoo shop and an appointment for today! So here it is folks. My brand new, "i love my husband so very much" tattoo:

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