Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Travels with Teardrops

I long to get in the car travel all over this country. While we don't even own a home, I'm already dreaming of the other things we could own down the road, and this is one of them.

a teardrop trailer. (isn't she beautiful)

The first place I'd take her is Acadia National Park in Maine, during that first week in October when you fill a thermos with cider and snuggle under a blanket to watch the leaves change color. 

It reminds me of a novel by John Steinbeck called "Travels with Charlie". After John retired he hitched a trailer to his car and drove across the whole country just to get a feel for the people that live in different places. He had only the company of his dog, Charlie, and the people he happened to share a conversation with along the way. 

John Steinbeck with his awesome dog

He made this trip during the civil rights movement and found the difference in thought and opinion as he moved across the nation (east to west and north to south) to be striking. But no matter where he went, people had common ground and could still talk over coffee. He also noted a unique feature of our nation - Diners. No other country has these roadside communal eateries, and his love for them is contagious. 

(this little gem is in Erie PA, and it's delightful)

So today I'm day dreaming about the distant future. About hitching my teardrop trailer with my retired husband and my dog. Waking up early on the New England coast to the smell of percolating coffee on our bunsen stove. And after a brisk hike, making our way to a small diner for dippy eggs and hash browns and conversations with strangers. We'll probably have some worldly pains we sadly shake our heads at, and we'll undoubtably have some raucous stories that make us laugh. 

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  1. There is one of these trailers parked in the alley behind our house. I walk the dog past it about every day and am always tempted to knock on the door and ask if they're interested in selling it. I think it would make a fine packaged with a Ford Focus hatchback.