Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Always Together, I'm Glad One Day I Meet Him"

It wasn't fair of me to just highlight the Steelers the other day when there's so much to celebrate right now in Pittsburgh sports...

Looks like after visiting the delightful University of Pittsburgh,
is ready to commit!

(I heard a crazy rumor that we have Michael Vick to thank for the deal!)

And at the NHL Awards last night, it was the Evgeni Malkin Show! 
He zambonied the competition,
then he said "With this smile and my slap shot, I have no need to learn English. Thank You."

Malkin with the Ted Lindsay Award

Then Geno goes on to win the Hart Memorial Trophy.

And if I'm flirting with sports teams....

I will never pretend I was on board from the beginning (that award goes to my Aunt Mary, my Dad, Tom and my Mother-in-Law... there may be four or five others out there, I'm sorry if I've left you out).
However I can't deny the buzz that these buckos have created with their season.
Its been really really fun to watch them.
Last night they were down one run in the fifth and my Dad said 
"I'm not worried, they're going to win."
Do you know how long its been since a native Pittsburgher has said that sentence?!?
*note: the answer is 19 years*
*note they didn't win, but its the belief that matters right?*

Here's to that point in the summer - where anything can happen and hope springs eternal!

p.s. you have one more day to go to this link and vote PNC park as the number one in the nation
(it was slotted as the overall 1 seed so we got that goin for us)

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  1. PNC lost to Miller Park? I call shenanigans!

    I've been to Miller Park. It's a drab cavern without personality in the Milwaukee suburbs. I missed two innings trying to buy a hot dog at one of the two concession stands on the main concourse. Apparently they sell nothing but beer in the aisles.

    There were hanging chads! Where was this decided? Florida?