Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunscreen, Bill Murray, and other links

I have some random monday morning links to go along with my random thoughts...

Is there any good summer TV? I find myself missing "Girls" and almost caring that Jessa is pregnant in real life. I also think "American Ninja Warrior" looks more appealing by the day.

And now I have only one sport to watch... and Its not the one that makes me happiest. So I'm spending my days playing around sites that discuss basketball. Like this probable Deng trade that would break my heart into a million pieces. Or this awesome break down of James' headband change/hair loss over time.

On vacation I did a lot of coloring and my pages looked really good (I'm talking good enough to replace your niece's christmas photo card on the fridge). So its obvious a grown up line of coloring books would just make sense. My choice would be the Bull Murray Coloring book, no contest.

My friend Sara turned me onto the new Edward Sharpe song ("That's What's Up") and now I really can't get enough of it. Its the song I keep on repeat in my car these days. I liked the beat the first time through and now its the lyrics that stole my heart. That's how it usually is with me - the lyrics are what seal the deal.

If there were ever ever ever a reason to apply sun screen daily - this is it. I'm so haunted by this image. He was a truck driver for 29 years, leaving the left side of his face is considerably more aged. I don't want to look but I can't look away. And then I look away only long enough to apply some spf 50

I don't know if this is amazing good or amazing so crazy. This woman is running 52 marathons in 52 weeks. 

I think Steve Martin will always be the bees knees (and Judd Apatow isn't too bad either).

Enjoy your monday, where ever you may be on this world wide web.


  1. Okay, I suspect your attachment to Deng is of the more sentimental variety. Mine is practical. Deng wants to play in the Olympics. The Bulls want him to have wrist surgery.

    But if they deal him for the No. 7 pick, they will get back a "project." Deng's no superstar, but he's a fine complimentary piece. Toss him overboard and you're looking at a rookie who take a year (at least) to bulk up to NBA size, get used to the speed, and avoid crucial those mistakes in crunch time.

    In the end, I don't think the Bulls can get fair market value for Deng. On the other hand, I could be talked into a Noah trade.

    1. Tom I agree. I think Deng has been fair about talking with the GMs about going to London to play (the whole 'they granted me and my family amnesty from Sudan during that genocide thing' has more pull then wrist recovery if you ask me). I have always loved him for being so much more to the team than his numbers show (he's a glue guy) and I think it would hurt them if he left (and let's be honest it would hurt me a little). I would be all about a Noah trade though. I was crushed when they drafted him and while he's exceeded my expectations, I don't think he's the guy for that position. Sadly, every year for the past 5 years they've talked of trading Deng (early on it was wrapped up in package deals), it's just that his value has gone up each year and so now its big news.

  2. Ok, I have so many things to comment on here. I haven't heard that song before but I like it :)

    I didn't know they made adult coloring books, heck, I'm almost afraid to know whats out there BUT I LOVE Bill Murray. One of my favorite movies from my childhood is Ghostbusters and one of my favorite movies from my adulthood is Lost in Translation. I love subtleties in movies. I would color him in :)

    I'm a big fan of sunscreen. People have no idea what smoking and sun can do to them.

    Did you know that Steve Martin has a ban? His album is one of my favorites!

    1. I love Bill Murray too! I grew up loving Caddy Shack and Ghostbusters and then when he started doing Wes Anderson movies later in his career - that deadpan humor just killed me!

      And I did follow that Steve Martin has a band - he won a grammy for it a few years ago. I never bought the album but I've heard some of it on youTube. I think this recommendation is the push for me to finally get it