Monday, June 4, 2012

super (rough) monday

I don't know what to make of this Monday. It hasn't been terrible per-se but it's been rough...

Its tired me out and I'm ready for the weekend.

It helped to drink from my Marvel Super Heros Mug (for sips of bravery)

And to wear my Superman Underware

[not pictured]

Then I made things better with an inspirational pep talk (to myself)

And on repeat, was this uplifting song
"can I sail through the changing ocean tides? can I handle the seasons of my life?"
(so maybe "uplifting" isn't the word but I shouldn't have to put adjectives on Stevie Nicks. she just is.)

I rounded out the day by talking to some friends and family that I love very much - that love me very much. And they cast a bright light on my day.
Which makes them my real life mug-full of super heros.

But seriously, is it still only monday?


  1. Well, if it makes you feel better, your blog made me laugh and made my day a little brighter :)

    That Marvel mug is awesome! And you're right Adam Sandler is hooked on Rob! If it wasn't for Adam, I'm not sure what Rob would be doing??

    1. Thank you! it really does make me feel better. (I love your comments!)

      and I want to say poor Rob but I think he's doing okay!