Thursday, June 7, 2012

Packing Tips

I love Pinterest for so many reasons, but today its for all the quick, easy, packing tips I found...
(seriously... genius!)

an empty q-tip case for your earbuds

saran wrap to prevent spills

roll silk scarves around empty paper towel holder for no wrinkles 

soap case to protect your digital camera

snacks! every trip needs snacks!

put your necklaces through straws so they don't knot

(this one might be my favorite)
you can inflate a pool swimmie around a wine bottle for protection in your suite case
once you arrive, deflate, and you have plenty of space!

use shower caps (free from hotels) around your shoes to protect your clothes

Any packing tips you have? 
I had always heard "Lay all your clothes and money out on your bed. Then put away half of your clothes and double your money." haha! 

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