Thursday, June 21, 2012

well hello, summer

Yesterday was officially the first day of the new season and this one is being so typically summery by dropping itself into my non-air-conditioned apartment and making itself at home all along my mid to lower back.

Welcome Summer. You've brought with you 90 degree temps and the game of "don't let any limb on my body touch any other part of my body". Since it seems you've also hit my complaining button, I"ll shift gears and talk about something cheery.

Here is the perfect summer tote: (perfect because looking at this picture can't make you break out in the sweats)

My mom got it for me for the beach and since then I've been using it non-stop. I like my purses to fall under the size category of 'hammock' so this is the way to go.

 It's light and slouchy and bright and fun. Last night I threw in my wallet and two frozen pizzas and I was on my merry way! (think that sounds strange - I already have plans this weekend use it for sneaking gyros into a movie) 

Its official now friends - happy beach, happy picnics, happy solstice, happy pizza in your purse, HAPPY SUMMER!

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