Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Excellent Television, Superior Time Wasting

I'm in the market to start down the road of new time waster investment.

I want a new Television series to dive into. I know that's a daring thing to say because some of my past ventures have stolen hours and drained emotions - putting me into a cave of reclusion. But instead of seeking the sun - I'm delving deeper into the entertainment culture abyss. I don't want you to correct me here, I just want your TV advice.

To assist you in your ability to guide me I'll tell you the shows I've fallen for and the shows I'm considering. Then you can weigh in on this really exciting topic!

My past/current loves:
- The Wire
- Lost
- Arrested Development
- Dexter
- Prison Break (only season one - when they were still IN prison)
- 30 Rock
- Treme
- Homeland
- Game of Thrones

My guilty pleasure shows:
- MTV's The Challenge
- Grey's Anatomy
- Project Runway

Under Consideration:
- Mad Men
- Breaking Bad
- Six Feet Under
- Boardwalk Empire
- Parks and Recreation
- Rescue Me

Do you have a favorite show I haven't mentioned? What is your all time favorite show? Have you ever gotten sucked into a series and watched episode after episode? (that may be the only way I ever complete a marathon!) Hurry people - which show should I watch next?!? (time wasting is a-wastin')

**also if you have HBO, have you discovered HBOgo yet? Every episode of every show (past and present)!!! I might skip all this and just re-watch episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm.


  1. My current favorites:

    Justified -- Filmed around rural Pittsburgh. Awesome character actors having fun in Appalachia. Timothy Olyphant is tremendous as U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens.

    The Killing -- I know this was controversial because everybody thought the case would be solved at the end of the first season and cried "bait and switch!" when it wasn't. But the second season is even better, and the case goes much deeper. Phenomenal acting.

    Veep Hi-larious. That is all. When the DVDs come out.

    Show I'm waiting for: Homeland -- Why haven't they released the first season already!!!

    1. oh man Tom, you will LOVE Homeland! once you start watching it, please promise you'll talk about it with me!
      (if it doesn't come out soon, you should just come over and watch it on our TV - actually we're on vacation next week - you should just post up here now that I think of it!) its so good

      my cousin is really into those other two shows and thats enough for me (I trust you both very much)

    2. Jean kind of has a thing for Damian Lewis ever since Life and Band of Brothers.

  2. I'm partial both to Boardwalk Empire and Parks and Rec. Boardwalk Empire is seriously disturbing sometimes (but then again, Game of Thrones... so I think you can handle it). Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec is almost on Liz Lemon's level, which is really saying something... but Ron Swanson might be my favorite character on TV, ever :)

    1. I started both shows when they first aired and stopped them after 2 episodes or so (everyone says press on they get really good). I think I'll need some humor sprinkled so Parks and Rec on Netflix might be what I do along side a drama (oh man, and now i'm really getting into it - I'm in trouble)

  3. Mad Men and Breaking Bad are excellent. Maybe a little slow to start, but once you're in - you're hooked. On that same vein, I'd put Sons of Anarchy. All three them are pretty similar in terms of teasing you with a redemptive story line only to end up more depraved than when it started, but compelling nonetheless.

    If you want to expand your nerdy side, I would say check out the newest version of Dr. Who on Netflix. First season with Christopher Eccleston was great, next few seasons with David Tennant grew on me. Newest seasons with Matt Smith are losing me.

    And lastly, my "wow, how did I not watch this?" award for the year has gone to "Up All Night" on NBC. Will Arnett is in close running with Joel McHale for being the actor who best exemplifies my sense of humor. Available on Hulu.

  4. PS: I forgot, Rescue Me gets weird and off topic at times. But as a emergency services nerd, I was still along for the ride the entire way. I felt that the final season was a strong ending after a year or two of waywardness.