Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On The Way

We have a road trip on Friday (that will take us to the beach!) and I love a road trip!!

I just discovered this wonderful website:

You can type in your route and it tells you a number of interesting destinations along the way (parks, restaurants, historic sites, malls, theme parks, etc)

I'm so excited right now, I could go shoot their commercial for them "I was planning our trip to Wilmington Delaware and I discovered we would be driving right past the Victory Brewing Company! Thanks OnTheWay for letting the vacation start early!! [voice over] OnTheWay is not responsible for these opinions. don't drink and drive."

Aside from a stop off for a great sampler pack, there are some other things I love about a road trip:

Getting to have those strange road snacks I don't normally eat. My favorites being pepperoni pizza combos (a vegetarian's loophole), peach rings, and pretzels dipped into TCBY vanilla yogurt (for the salty sweet).

I also love catching up on podcasts. lame right? but we think its the best. We love This American Life and the BS Report with Bill Simmons and Marc Maron's WTF podcast. Most of the time they end up being paused here and there for us to talk about the topic - as if the conversation is being had across the dial. Its surprisingly fun. (don't judge it till you try)

this is what we look like - all young and hip

We also love to play games with each other like 'say a word tell a story' and 'life draft' and we love mix tapes (I don't care if its moved to CDs then to ipods, I'll always say tapes). 

The trip there is so much a part of the vacation and I can't wait!! Do you enjoy the journey to the destination as well? Is it totally different when kids are involved? (I'm sure I'm getting head nods) Do you ever stop for attractions along the way? What do you like about a road trip? 


  1. Have a great trip. LOVE road trips. Really aching to go somewhere lately. I don't care where. Anywhere.

    Have you tried the PackTheBag app? Just got it. It's supposed to be great at helping you pack for a trip. Will be trying it on my next sojourn.

    1. If only I had an iphone first got get that app! maybe i can make Neil check it out because I do get packing stress - this old brain of mine has forgotten much in the past.

      I suggest you do some epic stay-cation things! Neil and I spent the first night of our honeymoon at the Inn on the Mexian War Streets and it was the best!