Friday, June 22, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope its a classic

I'm almost done with a fascinating book called "Fire and Rain" by David Browne

It chronicles the music and political atmosphere of 1970.

While I (rather obviously) didn't grow up during that era - I find I'm happily pulled into its orbit. I love all of those bands and I feel foolish for not knowing how each of them existed at the same time the others did... better yet, how they all knew each other (sometimes in the biblical sense).

Growing up with a generation of hard core rock and rollers wearing their addictions and wild parties on their sleeves - it was shocking to know that the mild, strumming James Taylor was addicted to heroine and spent time in a mental institution. (what a different dimension that gives to his songs!)

And how is it such easy going gentlemen like Paul and Art couldn't get along?!?

So I'm remembering songs I love and seeing them through a whole new lens. I'm constantly saying "wow, I had no idea...."  and I'm listening to a lot of classics.

Now, to kick off your weekend right I'm going to post some of them for you:

My favorite Beatles...

Golden Slumbers
Don't tell Mt Sinai Hospital, but I would sing the face of this song when I was alone in the newborn nursery with the babies.

My favorite James Taylor...

It feels like summer and makes me want a lounge chair and a margarita. I will actively ignore that I almost died the one and only time I've been to Mexico, making it my less than ideal vacation spot. 
Yes, I'll stick with the margarita image.

My favorite Simon and Garfunkel...

Only Living Boy in New York
I had no idea this song was written by Paul when he was angry at Art for leaving the country to film "Catch 22" in Mexico instead of making music for Simon and Garfunkel. Here's a tip, if you ever want to get over a fight with a friend don't put all your woes into a hit song, make them sing harmony, then have them rehash it on stage for decades to come. 
Or should I just say, thank you for the lovely song, sorry you two didn't last.

My Favorite Bob Dylan...

Girl from North Country
The voice is a bit out of sync on this clip but I love seeing them live. And I love the bitter sweetness of these lyrics. It the nicest break-up song I know. Its just a well wishing and fondness for something that has passed. 

What is your favorite music from that era? Your favorite Zeppelin (I almost walked down the isle to "All of My Love")? Your favorite Clapton? Stones? Mitchell? CSNY? Right on, friends. Lets take it back.

that's right. I said right on.


  1. After The Gold Rush by Mr. Neil Young
    Me & Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin
    Baba O'Riley by The Who
    Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival

    1. Oooh I forgot about CCR and I love all of these. I'm going to listen to them today while I clean!

    2. I used to have a 2 disc CCR anthology. I should try to dig it up. That's some hardcore summertime music from back in the day. That and the Beach Boys, but they were more 60's.

  2. Wasn't a big fan in the 70s, but today, may favorite old-time band is CSNY. Their harmonies are so tight, it's hard to distinguish the parts and sing along. Their music breaks the verse/chorus/verse/chorus/verse/bridge/chorus thing.

    Many good songs but here's one from 1970....