Monday, June 11, 2012

HAPPY WEEK! hope its relaxing

Our hotel in Wilmington charged for wifi. Our rental at the beach has no internet. The small town coffee shop’s access is ‘down’ for the foreseeable future. All these road-blocks add up to some silence as of late. 
Now I’m hunched over on a bench outside a Caldwell Banker by the glare of the midday sun. I have 20 plus emails (mostly living social deals for electrolysis) and I can’t ignore the pull of the ocean tide - away from the one thing I was only half-heartedly hoping to find (oh internet, what a love hate relationship we have!)
So you can bet this will be the last time I carry my computer to what seems to be the only non secure site around. Now is the only time I’ll expose my laptop to the salt air and today is the only day I’ll spend time on this bench - communicating with the outside world. 

Because inside this worlds is pure bliss...
Its toes in the sand

and dips in the pool

and playing till you can't play any more

I’ll catch you next week friends! Have a good one!

1 comment:

  1. That was fate telling you to drop the electronics. I'm just a big believer in signs. :)

    All that sun looks pretty great to me! I want an entire day by the pool! With high powered sun screen of course :)