Friday, June 1, 2012

HAPPY WEEKEND! hope you bask in the june glow

Hooray for June! 
Here are some of the so many things I'm looking forward to this month:

front porch dining
Now its warm enough to have picnics and romantic dinners on our porch.
Last night Neil took me out there for a nice seafood dinner (he said he'd call me again)
A girl could get used to being wined and dined like this!

fire escape cocktails
We don't use our wrought iron stoop nearly enough,
now that its nice we plan to sit and sip and talk the evening away
here is a great article about making simple 3 ingredient summer cocktail drinks

back yard parties
My mom's back yard is less than 20 minutes away and looks like Tuscany
Her pergola, dripping with wisteria, is the ideal place for a candle lit soirée.
(scroll to the bottom to be wowed by the view, then message me and we'll pick a date for a gathering)

our first CSA
I love our farmer's market, so it is with reluctance that we switched over to CSA (community supported agriculture). We went with Clarion River Organics which is amazing enough to do affordable half shares and to drop off at our church. Our first weekly pick up is this sunday - we'll see if its as satisfying as walking the isles of the market and choosing for ourselves.
I suspect it will be - like a fruit and vegetable christmas present every week.

around the world in 80 plates
This new Bravo tv show combines all the greatest parts of my favorite reality shows:
It's a bunch of chefs going to a new country every episode, following clues (amazing race)
 Then they take over a restaurant and compete as teams (hell's kitchen)
Then they are judged on their native cuisine dishes and voted off (top chef)
sold and sold

running in delaware
We will have a short trip to Wilmington to participate in a race we truly believe in:
(don't worry you'll get the full updates on our 8th US race as we go)

a week at the beach
All through my mom's growing up, they went to Stone Harbor NJ
All through my growing up, we went to Stone Harbor NJ
This is Neil's first time there and I can't wait for him to see, eat, and adore all things SH

what is the what
Neil and I both read and loved the book "Zeitoun" by Dave Eggers
When we go to the beach we want to read another book he penned, "What is the What", the true story of a Sudanese refugee that ends up in America.
Because nothing says relaxing holiday like the biography of a child soldier. (?)

a wedding on a farm
We will be driving out to Goshen, Indiana this month for an idyllic outdoor wedding.
We'll get to see friends from Chicago, Denver, and beyond! I can't wait!
Plus its a union of two amazing people (whose powers combined can only do great things)
Just to give you an idea of how great: their RSVP card was a MAD LIBS game.

Father's Day
We don't have any set plans yet - but this is such a wonderful day.
I think I grow more and more appreciative of fathers (step fathers, fathers in law, etc) with each year.
Do you have any fun traditions?

throwback music
There are a lot of album releases this month from people of my high school days...
Fiona Apple, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Blues Travelers, and Smashing Pumpkins
As I write these names, I realize I'm really only looking forward hearing one of them.
(hint: if the lead singer isn't ultra bald, I find myself just saying "huh")

iced coffee
With the heat index rising, Its officially time to make the switch over.
This recipe for iced coffee seems unnecessarily complex (isn't it just supposed to be ice and coffee?), but Ree has never steered me wrong before so I'll give it a try.
P.S. having an ice maker in my fridge is a first world luxury I thank the Lord for twice daily

Season 3 of Louis CK's show premiers June 28th
His comedy is so unique and clever - some of the best writing on television.
I think the best way to describe it: when so much 'reality' tv feels scripted, this is scripted tv that feels real. He splices in short stand-up bits and he's not afraid to touch on forbidden topics.
FX gave him full reign to do anything and I can't wait to see what Season 3 looks like.
(warning: he curses. also he prods. his episodes incite discussion.)

So what makes your heart shine happy this coming month? Do you have any beach reads you could recommend (preferably without genocide)? Are you going on any trips? Do you have any fun ways to stay-cation?

And if you don't answer, I hope its because you're soaking in the early summer rays! Happy Weekend!

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  1. YES! Iced coffee! I also saw that recipe on Pioneer Woman, but I was like, cheesecloth? An entire bag of coffee?? But then I was like, sweetened condensed milk...YUM. Let me know if you make it - I want a taste!!