Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Camp Anderson

Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom has finally expanded its showings to other cities (helloooo, pittsburgh!) And I couldn't be happier! Have you seen it? Does it live up to the standard of this others?

This new clip has me all a flutter:

His movies grow on me more and more with each viewing. So logically - Royal Tenenbaums, which I've seen the most, is my favorite. If I ever lose a finger, I vow to take up a secret smoking habit.

This a part of the scene my friends and I quote the most, so clearly this poster is pretty great. (especially for when you're having the kind of bad day where you can't even bite into a cookie)

My cousin Ryan revealed to me this wonderful website, which generates a Wes Anderson Bingo Card! I might print mine and take it to the movie. (or have a themed party and hand them out there)

I find people either go cult crazy for Wes for feel very 'eh' about all his work. I would love to have this print, but I'm married to an 'eh' guy and I don't think it would go over well.

So in honor of Moonrise Kingdom, I'm publicly stating I'm firmly in Camp Anderson. And I'll go to the movie with any one that's on the same team as me.

I'll even let you buy me this flask. 
(fill it up with whisky and soda and I'll pick you up. I'll be the one in yellow)


  1. Hah! The bingo card is brilliant. We saw the commercial for Moonrise Kingdom the other night and I said, "Well that looks like.... every other Wes Anderson film." Not that that's a bad thing, just distinctive. :)

    Ps: Bottlerocket is still my favorite. I don't know how many times a week I say, "You, my friend, are a damn fool." (But it's not enough.)

    1. I agree. He's has a formula but as long as it works, right?

      The other day my pastor was talking about community again and he said "i know you're thinking you've heard me give a sermon just like this before. and you have. my sermons are like wes anderson movies."

      Funny i love Bottlerocket second most (and have seen it second most frequently). I wish I were quoting it more often. Especially "how did an asshole like Bob get such a great kitchen" but I don't know enough Bobs and the ones I know are nice. (same goes for "Bob's gone. He stole his car." just not enough of those situations popping up)

      With a lot of friends having babies I could work in the line Dignan says in disgust about Anthony's little sister.. "what did she ever accomplish?" yes. that's the new plan. (part of my 5 year plan)

    2. Babies need to be taken down a notch, anyway. They're so smug.

      Life Aquatic is my #2. "You know I'm not big on apologizing. So I'll just skip it if it's all the same to you." That just hits me where I live. :)